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Just Cleaning Australia PTY LTD has been in the commercial cleaning industry for over 10 years. Just Cleaning is fully Australian owned and operated family business. Our lasting experience in the commercial cleaning business translates into a reliable and secure service you can trust. Just Cleaning was established in 2003 when we saw a need to provide a greater service to the commercial sector.

We now provide a range of related services and can provide for all the cleaning maintenance requirements of small, medium and large businesses. We have long associations with many of Australia’s leading corporations and institutions. We are constantly working to establish ourselves as the most respected and sought after contract cleaning and facilities support service in Australia. We seek to build a partnership philosophy based on a solid and trusting relationships with our clients.

Just Cleaning holds the prestigious triple quality certification. Our processes for management, environment and OH&S are of the highest industry standard. This ensures our customers receive a cleaning service that is second to none.

We offer the best value cleaning for your dollar. Our work is highly efficient, and we pride ourselves on being very competitive on price. Our customers receive the best value for money cleaning service around.

At Just Cleaning, we truly care about the work we do. Our cleaners are well trained, very experienced, and take pride in doing their job well.

Quality Presentation Customer Service are our true values.

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We are a specialist Commercial Cleaners in Brisbane servicing Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants & Cafes, Body Corporate Cleaning and General Commercial and Office cleaning.

Full contract cleaning for all facilities or specialist services including:
Window Cleaning
High pressure hose surface cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Floor restoration and resurfacing
• Upholstery cleaning

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How Commercial Cleaning Can Maintain A Clean Working Environment – Just Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Brisbane

A tidy, organised and clean office environment can work wonders for a variety of commercial premises. Each morning when employees arrive at their office premises to begin their day of work, their energy, output and performance can decrease if the working environment is not in a satisfactory condition.

There are various areas involved in commercial premises that require proper maintenance and cleaning along with high hygienic standards. These areas include windows, doors, floors, lobbies, kitchens, lavatories, bathrooms, carpets and furnishings, technical and electronic goods, chairs and desks along with many others.

In order to keep a commercial environment clean and hygienic, there are various commercial cleaning businesses based all over Australia that are experienced and equipped with professionally trained staff and equipment required to perform these tasks in the best manner possible. Just Cleaning has a reputation as being one of the best in the business with a large number of clientele that happily pay testament out services.

It is a common misconception that Commercial cleaning services cost a lot of money and is a time consuming process. However, this belief is totally the opposite. Just Cleaning conduct these tasks required to maintain a clean working environment either early in the morning before the premises are open for business or at night when the business is closed for the day, at a cost that suits your budget.

Office environments that experience a high volume of daily workers or visitors will require cleaning on a more frequent basis, whereas the office environments with few workers or visitors can get away with cleaning services every few days.

Nowadays, a clean and hygienic working environment in an office is a basic necessity. In environments such as financial or professional consultant offices, minor services such as cleaning the bathrooms and vacuuming the carpets and furniture is usually sufficient. Other services include dusting, desks, computers and other electronic equipment along with emptying and cleaning all the rubbish bins.

Our cleaners are employed directly by Just Cleaning to conduct the cleaning tasks required to clean the building. If at any point there is an issue with the quality of the cleaning we have area managers who will conduct an audit, re-emerse the business for any out-of-pocket costs and reclean the premises.

Just Cleaning is a specialist Commercial Cleaning Company based in Brisbane and is a leader in delivering quality, presentation and customer service.

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