A bit of history about Pubs from Just Cleaning

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The word Pub comes from the shortened version of Public House. In Australia a Pub is an establishment performing many functions. Primarily serving alcoholic beverages, meals, and some times providing basic accommodation.

The Australian Pub is a direct descendant of the British and Irish Public House. The production and consumption of alcoholic drinks has long played a key role in Western commerce and social activity, and this is reflected in the importance of pubs in the British colonisation of Australia after 1788. However, in the 19th century the local version evolved a number of distinctive features that set it apart from the classic British or urban Irish Pub.

In many cases, Pubs were the first structures built in newly colonised areas (especially on the goldfields) and new towns often grew up around them. Pubs typically served multiple functions, simultaneously serving as hostelry, post office, restaurant, meeting place and sometimes even general store.

Will your Pub or Club be a part of history or is it falling into rack and ruin before its time?

Let us check it out and give you a Quote on how you can make it stand the test of time and look great now for your customers.

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A bit of history about Pubs from Just Cleaning