Borax is Awesome for Cleaning! (Clean My Space)


Everyone could use an awesome cleaning tip which will save you time and money, and will make cleaning much easier. This is one of those awesome cleaning tips that will definitely make life much easier!

Melissa Maker is a cleaning guru who introduces us to the easiest and most efficient ways at getting rid of dirt while also revealing the best ways for cleaning/organizing your surroundings. Everything from cleaning those nasty looking mattress marks to completely controlling all that annoying pet hair, Maker has it covered.

How did this one time banker acquire all of these seemingly secret tips for high end effective cleaning? Turns out while working in banking, she found out that there really was not a decent, high quality cleaning service in her area that she could use. So long story short, she eventually quit her job and created her own cleaning company. Along the way she gathered all of these incredible tips for super cleaning the easy way. She has learned so much that it almost became overwhelming. Heres what someone had to say about all her awesome cleaning knowledge:

They say how she amassed (too much) knowledge about cleaning products, tools, and how to create homemade versions and save money. Clients, friends, and family kept asking for Melissas tips and secrets now that she was a veritable cleaning wizard. Rather than repeating the tips over and over she started up a YouTube channel to share the information, and the rest is easily accessible history.

And now we get to benefit from all her years of hands-on learning! Definitely share these awesome cleaning tips with your friends and family!


Borax is Awesome for Cleaning! (Clean My Space)