Cleaning schools using ‘Green Cleaning’ benefits students

Green clean


There should be no debate when it comes to children’s wellbeing and ensuring they have a healthy learning environment.

So why green cleaning?

Pretending for a moment that we’re solely concerned with, and convinced by, better health arguments, children are high-risk when it comes to the particles and chemicals in many cleaning products for several reasons. First, children eat, drink and breathe far more than adults do relative to their body weight, which results in higher exposure. Secondly, their tendencies, such as hand-to-mouth behaviors, means they have higher ingestion rates. And of course, their developing organ systems are more susceptible to contaminants. While it’s true that adults are less susceptible to chemical effects, a school’s cleaning contractors – with prolonged exposure to such high doses – is a second high risk group who would benefit from a shift to green cleaning.

Have your School cleaning contractors adopted Green Cleaning practices?

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