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In the hospitality industry we see a lot of staff come and go, as it seems to be the industry of choice when it comes to young people moving through studying into other full time careers. Then there are others who find the industry as an exciting and full time career choice with permanent prospects and future advancements. The industry has seen its far share of would be celebrities.


The list includes Bill Cosby, Ellen DeGeneres, and Sandra Bullock. Even Brad Pitt, Kevin Bacon and Mariah Carey worked in the hospitality industry.


It was said that Bill Cosby took a job as a bartender in a neighborhood café/bar. The bar had hired a comedian who often did not show up for his act. Cosby filled in, entertaining the crowd with jokes and humorous stories. His reputation as a funny bartender spread throughout the city and soon the offers to do stand-up comedy in other clubs started to come.


Steve Buscemi mostly famous for his roles in indie films such as Reservoir Dogs,  Armageddon and Con-Air before plying his trade as an actor was a Fireman in New York City, an ice cream truck driver, a stand-up comedian and you guessed it a bartender.


Do you know any famous Australians who started out in the hospitality industry before their big break?


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Famous Bartenders by Just Cleaning