Is the Hotel Windsor in Melbourne haunted?


Throughout Australia there are a number of hotels that are said to be haunted. Some well-known landmarks, some out-of-the-way old pubs and other historically significant premises. The stories that come from employees that work or have worked in them, people that have stayed or visitors that may have unwittingly found themselves faced with what could be described as supernatural occurrences make for extremely interesting reading. The question is are they real or not?

Is the Hotel Windsor in Melbourne haunted?

The iconic Melbourne hotel has hosted famous guests as it’s close proximity to the Princess Theatre made it the accommodation of choice for those going to shows at the Theatre and more importantly those star performers taking part.

None more so famous than Dame Nellie Melba frequently stayed at the hotel. It’s been said her singing can still be heard in the corridors.

The ghostly story extends further with the Princess Theatre itself said to be haunted by the ghost of the actor Frederick Baker. Baker was performing the role of Mephistopheles in Gounod’s opera Faust in 1888 when he had a heart attack after being lowered by trapdoor to the basement while simulating sinking into the fires of hell. When his fellow actors were told what had happened after the performance, they insisted he’d been onstage to take final bows with them. A ghostly figure has been spotted in the theatre on numerous occasions since.

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