School cleaning Common complaints

Look out for the cleaner


There are many risks posed by the use of cleaning equipment within schools. It is necessary to establish that equipment and materials are used safely and correctly. It is essential to make sure equipment is suitable for use (ie, not damaged or faulty) and is used in a safe and effective way (ie, not left out after use or cables left trailing). How many instances have their been in schools where a pupil or member of staff has tripped over a trailing cable or slipped on a wet floor because there was not a “caution: wet floor” sign? 

For many, these are common complaints but they are nonetheless preventable through training and knowledge.

Additionally, cleaning contractors are often within a workplace that has been designed with other workers in mind (ie, classrooms). This may generate additional challenges or health and safety problems that require the cleaner to make adjustments for the environment they are working within. For example, many schools are on multilevel so, as a result, cleaners are expected to carry equipment (such as vacuum cleaners) up and down stairs. This may cause an physical damage, ultimately affecting attendance and the long-term cleanliness of the facilities. 

Is your Cleaning Contractor doing everything to ensure that your School cleaning is safe and sound?

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School cleaning Common complaints