School Cleaning standards and best practice

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When dealing with buildings such as schools, it is essential that all cleaning contractors are equipped with the knowledge and skills to allow them to implement best practices to minimise risk to children attending the school. The cleaner should follow a process that starts with the cleanest area of the environment first, gradually working through to the soiled areas to ensure that the environment is always cleaned to the highest of standards.

To illustrate, you would never clean the toilet and then continue to the hand basin before you clean the door handle, as you would spread germs from the toilet to all the other areas of the washroom. 

Unlike many office buildings, schools often have a wide variety of different facilities that require cleaning, such as classrooms, washrooms, food technology areas and kitchens/tuck shops. As a result, it is necessary to implement strict systems for cleaners to maintain.

As we are aware, the spread of general coughs and colds, and more serious cases of flu, are commonly spread among schoolchildren. Although children are inherently more vulnerable to common illnesses as their immune systems are still developing, it is possible to reduce the risk by adopting cleaning best practices.

Have your School cleaning contractors adopted Green Cleaning practices?

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School Cleaning standards and best practice