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Carpet Cleaning

Industrial Carpet cleaning

One of the most important yet costly assets to maintain are carpets. Aside from playing a fundamental part of your office or commercial facility they also convey and image and reputation to your business. The look and feel of a surface can be vital to maintain a professional look that your space exudes. With Just Cleaning you can feel assured you will always have a perfect, deep clean, and professional look while maintaining the look and life span of the carpet.

New conventional carpet cleaning technologies allow us to use heated cleaning solutions to the carpet fibres that loosen even the deepest and stickiest dirt, breathing new life into your carpets and commercial environment. Using a specifically formulated pH balanced rinse removes all traces of cleaning solutions, avoiding any dirt attracting residue.

We offer tailored packages with the option of including protectors and deodorizers that restore the endurance to your carpets and leave them looking fresh and renewed. Our professional team utilise various techniques and non-toxic products appropriate to the specific type of carpet and its condition.