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Christmas Party-time! But who’s cleaning up?

After party clean ups


It’s that time of year again when there seems to be an event to attend every other day. The work office party, the kids school Christmas function, a few drinks with friends to catch up for Christmas and the list goes on! It’s off to this Club, drinks at that Pub. Go to the school and get the office done up and ready for the party.

We all love it. We indulge a little, have a few drinks and generally have a great old time.

But who is cleaning up after it’s all done?

Well, that’s where we step into the picture. You see, you may already have an office cleaner employed. Or you Club or Pub may be contracted to an existing cleaning company. The school may have the cleaners that having been doing it for years. The thing is Christmas time may be the perfect time to have a close look at how well the job is being done. It may be the perfect time to consider starting afresh in the New Year. Just Cleaning may be that option that could make a world of difference when it comes to cleaning up after Christmas?

If the Christmas party mess is causing a hang over that won’t go away – Just Cleaning to take away the headache.

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Christmas Party-time! But who’s cleaning up?

We’ll pass on cleaning this pub!

Pub cleans


The Trip to Jerusalem has been noted and the oldest Pub in England. It was built in 1189 and has a long illustrious history.

The Pub was frequented by crusaders voyaging to the Holy Land. Even Richard the-Lion-Heart stayed at the the Trip to Jerusalem briefly whilst visiting England.

The building itself is mainly carved out of the rock in which it stands below the Castle above.

One may think that the ‘Trip’ part of the name is a reference to the travelers that stopped at the pub however the word “Trip” or “Trypp” is said to come from an old word for halt or stop.

The pub has two bars on one level, with a further bar up a short flight of stairs known as the Rock Lounge.

The Cursed Galleon model

In the Rock Lounge the upper bar of the Pub is a model Galleon hanging from the ceiling, covered by what looks like 50 years of dust and cobwebs.

The legend says that the last three people to clean the Galleon died mysterious and unexpected deaths within 12 months of doing so. No one will clean the Galleon because it is cursed.

The model is the largest of several hanging from the ceiling. They are said to be parting gifts from sailors who had made them to pass the time at sea, like the scrimshaw of the whalers.

The maker of this particular model is unknown but it is completely shrouded in dust thickened cobwebs.

No name is visible on the galleon’s side, and it would be a foolhardy soul that would wipe away the dust to find one.

Just Cleaning

Just Cleaning is the largest specialist Pubs and Clubs cleaner in Queensland. If you need a reliable cleaning service for your Club or Pub Contact us on 1800 733 451 or email

But don’t ask to clean Galleons with 50 years worth of dust covering it – we don’t fancy being cursed!


We’ll pass on cleaning this pub!

Simple Cleaning Tips

Common areas

cleaning tipsHere’s a few tips we gathered together that may or may not work for you at home, in the office or in your working environment.

Want something to absorb the grime and dirt from the grout in tiles in the kitchen, toilet areas or bathrooms? Some people say that Bi Carbonate and white vinegar does the job. It doesn’t bleach it as some products do, it actually absorbs the dirt to froth at the top of the grout and then you just wipe it away.

A unique way to pick up cat hair is to put on a wet rubber dishwashing glove and wipe your hand over the effected surfaces. The hair sticks right to the glove.

Get started removing that red wine spill on your carpet with a dab of foaming shaving cream.

Someone is arriving soon and the place is not clean? If you can clean only one room before they arrive, make it the toilet/bathroom. This is the only room where people spend time solo and may have the time and tendency to notice a mess.

Try wearing unmatched socks on your hands when dusting. You can run your hands along chair rails, moldings, and doors until the sock is dusty enough to discard or wash and reuse again later.

If you need further help with your cleaning – just cleaning is here to give you the expert touch.

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Simple Cleaning Tips