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Some interesting Facts about Australian Pubs from Just Cleaning

Old pub cleaning and restoration


In Australia there are over 6000 licensed venues that full into the categories of:
• Hotels
• Taverns
• Inn
• Bars
• Clubs
• Pubs
• Off-Licences
• Roadhouses
• Licensed Restaurants
• Others
All of these premises full under eight different licensing jurisdictions across Australia. These jurisdictions and approximate numbers are:
• NSW (2052)
• QLD (1251)
• VIC (1092)
• SA (658)
• WA (595)
• TAS (281)
• NT (72)
• ACT (32)

Pub Locations
69% of licensed venues are located on corner blocks.
52% are located next to or in suburban shopping centers.
Most Northerly pub: Saibai Tavern, Torres Strait
Most Northerly mainland pub: Bamaga Tavern, Bamaga, Qld
Most Southerly pub: Far South Tavern, Tas
Most Easterly pub: Beach Hotel, Byron Bay, NSW
Most Westerly pub: Rumah Tinggi Tavern Christmas Isld
Most Westerly mainland pub: Shark Bay Hotel, WA
Most Central pub (geographical): Kulgera Roadhouse (Pub), NT
Highest located pub: Thredbo Alpine Hotel, Thredbo, NSW

Pub Names
We’ve all heard of those common Pub names like: Royal, Commercial, Railway, and Grand etc. But did you know the how many of each and what the most popular is? Well here we go:
Royal 242 Federal 31 Farmer 11
Commercial 137 Criterion 29 Telegraph 11
Club 107 Albion 23 Metropolitan 10
Grand 81 Junction 23 Riverview 10
Railway 74 Courthouse 22 Reef 10
Central 44 Shamrock 21 Bush 9
Victoria 43 Palace 20 Commonwealth 8
Exchange 42 Union 19 Oriental 7
Imperial 39 Empire 17 Wheat sheaf 7
Australian 34 Terminus 16 Waterloo 7
Crown 34 Globe 15 Racecourse 6
Golden 34 Post office 16 Robin Hood 6
Star 32 Prince of Wales 14 Jockey 5

And then there is the animal Pubs:

13 Bulls, 11 Dogs, 9 Horses, 7 Cows, 6 Ducks, 2 each of Frog, Parrot, Goose, Rabbit, Pelican, Crow, Kangaroo, Wombat, Emus, Hound. And 1 Wallaby, Cat, Koala, Cockatoo, Cattle Dog, Bird and Dingo.
And who knows there could be more??
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Some interesting Facts about Australian Pubs from Just Cleaning

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Cleaning up after New Years – do you need a commercial cleaner?