The Typical Aussie Pub by Just Cleaning

Pub facts

The design of the typical Aussie pub is quite different to its predecessor the cosy, welcoming, family-friendly “cottage” atmosphere of British pubs, albeit with some exceptions. Most of the older English Public Houses have been declared heritage sites to protect and keep them as they have been for past centuries. Few Australian pubs date back further than the second half of the 19th century and with the rapid urban development within our major capitals the typical Aussie Pub has shifted from the Victorian styled grandeur to trendy inner city bars.

Surviving late 19th-century pubs such as the Old Canberra Inn in Lyneham, Australian Capital Territory are similar to their British antecedents in layout and atmosphere, although many Australian pubs of this era are typically a good deal larger than the average British pub; many are three stories high or more, and they usually include several very spacious bar areas, as well as large accommodation spaces on the upper floors.

Old Pubs

Major regional and country pubs dating from the 19th century and early 20th century are often large and imposing structures, and many were lavishly decorated, both inside and out. Because of Australia’s high summer temperatures, wide awnings and verandahs were common around pub exteriors, as they were for most colonial-era commercial buildings. Pub verandahs and balconies were often fitted with elaborate iron lace facings and cast-iron columns, because these new mass-produced components were highly fashionable, relatively cheap, and easily transportable. Sometimes, in areas where wood was plentiful, internal decoration included elaborately carved wooden fretwork panels.

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The Typical Aussie Pub by Just Cleaning